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About Us

Wall-Paper.org Media Information Systems

The Wall-Paper.org website was launched in October 2019. Wall-Paper.org is a website for sharing Animal Pictures, City Pictures, Country Pictures, Car Pictures, Plant Pictures, Iphone Wallpaper, Cool Wallpapers, Cute Wallpapers, Phone Wallpapers.
All pictures posted on our site can team can write comments.

All the pictures on our website are prepared by wall-paper.org team. Images and content on our site can not be copied without showing the source and permission.

Copyright Infringement

Our site does not publish images and content that violates copyright.
The news on our site is published according to the “Content Provider” article specified in the law no. According to the relevant law, site management is not obliged to control the news against the law.
For this reason, warn and remove principle is applied in our site.
If you submit the content that you think is a copyright infringement together with the document showing the copyright, these contents are removed from our site within 3 business days.

You can contact us at info@Wall-Paper.org for copyright notice.