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Terms of use

Wapp-Paper.Org Terms of use

Acceptance of User Agreement.

We strongly recommend that you read the following terms of use before visiting our site. If you accept these terms, it will be in your best interest to comply with our rules while making use of our site. Please read our full Terms of Use.

Wall-Paper.ORG cannot access users’ identities, addresses, service providers, and the like. Users can send this information to the site through forms. However, Wall-Paper.ORG may collect your hardware and software information. This information includes: your IP address, browser type, operating system, domain name, access times, and related web addresses.

wall-paper.org; cannot sell personal information received from users (your name, e-mail address, home and work address, telephone number, etc.) to a third party, publish it to the public or keep it on site. The information received is a guide for the visitor profile of the site, for reporting and for the promotion of services.

Wall-Paper.ORG uses the information it receives from you to: Improve, improve the website, maintain quality
Create visitor profile and general statistics data
Identify visitors’ trends about how they use our site
Sending printed publications / correspondence
Send press releases or notifications via e-mail
Create a list for an event or competition

Using Wall-Paper.ORG;
Wall-Paper.ORG shall not be held responsible for any legal or unethical behavior of any user,
Use policies may change from time to time,
You acknowledge and agree that you are not responsible for the content of any other linking sites, but for damaging your computer.

You may close Wall-Paper.ORG to users if:
In the event that information containing false, incomplete, misleading and general ethics statements is posted on the site.

When announcements, advertisements, announcements, expressions containing insults to private or legal entities are used in the requested information

During the attacks on the site in various ways, due to the deterioration of the structure of the site due to the virus.